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Peter Bartlett Healthcare Reporter

Peter Bartlett is passionate about Healthcare for human with over 10 years of Experience in the Healthcare sector. He is working as a writer in the HealthCare field and he is the driving force behind Nyse Nasdaq Analyst with a vision to broaden the web services readership throughout 2012 to till date. Peter Bartlett is an editor and reporter of Nyse Nasdaq Analyst about health and its concerns

He holds a bachelor degree in medical sciences from the University of California and MBBS from Ohio State University. He started out as a way to establish himself as a writer of medical and HealthCare field.

He has taught at the school since 2010 and brings more than 8 years of experience most important planned development, operations administration.

Contact Detail:

Email: PeterBartlett@NyseNasdaqAnalyst.com

Phone No: +1 917-258-940

Address: 1312 Lady Bug Drive Queens, NY 11103

Logan Woods Finance Reporter:

Logan Woods is a senior reporter in finance For Nyse Nasdaq Analyst. He has reported over the personal finance reports and done the analysis for more than 10 years. So, he has done more than reporting and analysis for the financial issues.

He is the driving force behind Nyse Nasdaq Analyst With a vision to broaden the company’s readership all over the time especially throughout 2K19. Logan Woods is an analyst and reporter of news about Finance Sector Companies.

He holds a bachelor degree from Louisiana State University and an MBA degree from Yale University. He started out as a way to establish himself as a serious reporter and analyst in a relatively business field quickly. He has taught at the school since 2004 and brings more than 6 years of experience most important planned development, operations administration.

Contact Detail:

Email:   LoganWoods@NyseNasdaqAnalyst.com

Phone: +1 718-956-7322

Address: 1361 Oak Drive Albany, NY 12207

Oscar Welch: Consumer Goods Reporter:

Oscar Welch is a top contributor on Nyse Nasdaq Analyst in both the long ideas and Consumer goods section of the website.  He has an MSCS from Duke University and an MBA from Columbia Business School (CBS), Columbia University.

Oscar Welch started his experience in the Consumer goods lines, and he has been working in a New York mortgage firm as a financial & Consumer Goods underwriter His major track focused on Consumer goods company Analysis.

He has been active in the markets for several years but relatively he also focuses upon the Consumer goods field and he mainly focused on long/short equities. Exceptionally qualified Senior Business & Consumer Goods Writer and Nyse Nasdaq Analyst with over 5 years. He showed involvement in marketable strategies and awards.

Number one on Nyse Nasdaq Analyst for both plan for success and advertising arrangements. He is an accomplished journalist who has a passion for travel. His desire to see the world has taken him to countries around the world and given him the opportunity to report for some of the top news organizations.

Contact Detail:

Email:   OscarWelch@NyseNasdaqAnalyst.com

Phone No: +1 418-438-3231

Address: 768 Farnum Road New York, NY 10022

Jake Marsden– Emerging News Reporter:

Jake Marsden is a senior editor for over 15 years. Academic teacher in Behavioral Finance and Experimental Economics and humanities at Oxford University. He has also taught at Harvard University as an Author of scientific articles on cognitive processing of information and Emerging News. He has been serving in a journalism field.

He looked at the articles finally before publishing at platforms. This makes his work more distinguished from others. He does his job out of the box so nobody can match him. He has his degree in journalism from the University of CaliforniaLos Angeles. He also has a degree in MBA finance and Human marketing. Expertise in both fields makes him more capable of doing rational analysis over the topics of financial and Emerging news.

He accomplished his post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration with Global and Human administration from International School of Business and Media (ISB&M).  He has been working for over 18 years in different sectors.

Contact Detail:

Email:   JakeMarsden@NyseNasdaqAnalyst.com

Phone No: +1 418-438-3231

Address: 2563 Angus Road New York, NY 10023